When you work with a database-driven script app for your website, all of the content that you or the website users add, is kept in cells and tables within a database, not as simple text in the application files. In contrast, HTML websites are static and all of the content on such a website is part of the actual HTML files. An online store application, for instance, takes all the prices, items, user reviews, and many others, from its database and this is the same for any kind of script that allows you to create a dynamic site. The more the content you include, the larger the database gets, so when you use a script-driven site, you should make sure that your web hosting package features sufficient database storage space. The aforementioned applies regardless of what kind of databases you use - for instance MySQL or PostgreSQL.
PostgreSQL Database Storage in Web Hosting
When you choose our web hosting services, you will be able to increase the content and the user base of your PostgreSQL-driven sites as much as you will need as some of our plans come with unlimited database storage. Even if you purchase a lower-end package, you'll be able to upgrade either the database storage feature or the whole package, so as to have enough system resources for your sites. We use a custom-built cloud platform and we have an entire cluster dedicated to the database storage. As no other processes run on these servers, the general performance is better and we'll add more servers or HDDs if they're needed. Regardless of how many elements you add to your online store or how many comments people leave on your discussion forum, you won't ever experience any difficulties caused by deficiency of database storage.
PostgreSQL Database Storage in Semi-dedicated Hosting
When you choose one of our Linux semi-dedicated hosting, you will be able to run PostgreSQL websites without having to worry that you can get to any kind of restriction for the size of your databases, as there isn't such a restriction. With our cloud web hosting platform, a separate group of servers handles the databases, thus in case additional computing power or database storage is needed at any moment, we just link more servers or hard disk drives. In contrast to other providers, we do not run everything on a single server. All our plans are powerful and allow you to run heavy, multi-media sites, so we've made sure that the PostgreSQL database storage attribute matches all the rest of the attributes. The Hepsia web hosting Control Panel which is provided with the semi-dedicated accounts allows you to see the size of any PostgreSQL database which you have plus the full size of all databases, but these numbers will be available solely for your own information.