PHP, which is a backronym for PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor, is amongst the most popular class-based programming languages out there. Any website or application created using PHP will run on a given server on the condition that a PHP module is installed, which makes the language really universal and it is little wonder that there are actually a few million servers that support it and hundreds of millions of PHP-driven sites hosted on them. PHP is preferred over HTML owing to the fact that it permits you to build an interactive site with a plethora of features. A PHP-based community portal, for instance, will serve different content to each user although the page URL will stay the same. In contrast, HTML-based websites are static and the page content can be updated only manually. Just like any other software program, PHP has several versions and the version that was used whilst setting up a particular website must be installed on the server so that the site can run properly.
PHP 4, PHP 5 and PHP 7 Support in Web Hosting
Our web hosting servers support different PHP versions, which implies that your sites will work without any problem even if your scripts are out of date. We accept the fact that an old site doesn’t automatically imply an insecure one as you may have implemented lots of modifications to its code. This is why we support PHP 4, PHP 5 and PHP 7 and you can decide which version will be enabled for your hosting account. You can change the version with just one single mouse click from your Hepsia Control Panel and the update will take effect right away. If you wish to run both older and newer scripts, there is even a possibility to use a different version of PHP for each of your domains at the same time.
PHP 4, PHP 5 and PHP 7 Support in Semi-dedicated Hosting
If you have a site created using an older version of PHP and you have committed time and effort into developing it, patching security holes and embedding web content, you’ll need to find a web hosting service that can support it, since the great majority of hosting vendors nowadays support only the most recently released PHP version and abandon the previous ones. We, however, have decided to permit you to choose the version that your own websites require. Our Linux semi-dedicated hosting support PHP 4, PHP 5 and PHP 7, which means that you will be able to run both newer and older scripts without forfeiting any manual settings or wasting time struggling to make your websites compatible with the web hosting environment. You can change the current version from the Hepsia hosting Control Panel and such an update will affect the whole semi-dedicated server account, but you will also be able to choose a different PHP version for each single website hosted in your account by using an .htaccess file.