When you are looking for a better web hosting service and would like to change your hosting provider, you shall have to move the website content to the hosting servers of the new provider. While this can be performed without difficulty for a modest HTML website, it could be more challenging to migrate a script-driven site, which uses a database, not to mention if you have a number of sites. You shall have to migrate a large number of files, databases and e mails, not mentioning that you'll have to import everything on the new server and change numerous system settings as to get the Internet sites online on the new Internet hosting platform. To save you the time and the effort to relocate your content, we offer a free site migration service, so depending on the sort of hosting and the particular plan that you select, our tech support can relocate even a number of Internet sites for you, ensuring that the way they look and function will be exactly the same.
Assisted Website Migration in Web Hosting
The service is available with every single web hosting service which we offer, so the instant your new account is functioning, you can contact us to prepare the migration process. Our experienced tech support can relocate even numerous websites depending on the specific plan that you've signed up for and will check out each one of them on our end to ensure that everything runs faultlessly once you point your domain to our innovative cloud hosting platform. In this way, you won't see any downtime of your websites because the exact same content shall show up whenever the new domain name servers propagate. We're able to move any kind of site, including a custom-built one, so long as it runs on a Linux-powered machine and it isn't built by using a closed-source platform such as Wix or Weebly since we can't access the actual site files. The entire migration process is typically completed within 24-48 hours and we'll let you know the minute we are done.
Assisted Website Migration in Semi-dedicated Hosting
If you intend to start using our hosting services and you obtain a semi-dedicated hosting account, you'll be able to contact our technical support the instant your account is active and arrange the migration from your current Internet hosting provider. The whole operation normally takes no more than 24-48 hours and when our technical support team sets everything up on our end, they will test each Internet site to make sure that everything is working adequately. You can then point your domains to our cloud hosting platform and since the content shall be exactly the same on both ends, there'll be practically zero downtime, so the website visitors shall not notice any service disruptions. You can take full advantage of our totally free service and save time and efforts even if you would like to move multiple sites and the only restriction is that they mustn't be developed with a closed website builder like Yola, Wix or Jimdo as these platforms don't allow their users to access the files of the Internet sites designed on their end.