MSM Instant Webs Hosting offers a handy website generation tool which you can utilize to set–up your website with no need of having to pen even a single line of code. It’s extremely easy to get the knack of, with a pretty familiar user interface. The website generation tool offers plenty of different website templates which will suit a variety of site types, and every theme has a variety of color and layout setups. And last but not least, all themes are fully responsive and work perfecty across all devices.

The website generation tool is available with all Linux web hosting, Linux VPS web hosting, Linux semi-dedicated hosting, and Linux dedicated servers hosting setups, as long as you go with the MSM Instant Webs Hosting Hosting Control Panel.

A straightforward website generation tool

No web development background is required

The main asset of the MSM Instant Webs Hosting’s website generation tool is that it is incredibly plain to use. It relies on content elements which you can add, modify and move around anyway you want. Anytime, you have the option to add images and videos, start an online journal, or place a discussion portal on your site, all with a click.

You can accomplish all that and build a super cool website without ever needing to pen even one line of HTML, CSS or PHP, etc.

Easy-to-use Site Builder

An array of easy–to–re–design website themes

Stylish website templates that look perfect on mobile devices

It won’t matter what type of website you wish to set–up, the MSM Instant Webs Hosting’s website generation tool will offer a solution for you. It offers a big assortment of free site themes that are perfect for any sort of websites – individual pages, e–commerce stores, community boards, and so on.

To make your site even more enticing from the get go you can check out the range of unique layouts and color configurations available with every site theme. And last but not least, each template offers inbuilt support for over 100 different fonts which can be changed with just a mouse click. And best of all, you will have immediate access to a large collection of ready–made photos.

And if you choose to switch your website theme at some moment, all changes you have made will be transferred over to the new website template as well.

An array of easy–to–re–design website themes

In–built knowledge base and how–to videos

See just how easy it indeed is to design a website

The MSM Instant Webs Hosting’s website generation tool has a very helpful Help Center where you can find a number of step–by–step articles and videos that are inspired by the most regularly asked questions by clients.

They will help you out if you have the desire to discover how to add a new web page, how to edit the color setups of your template, how to add an image gallery module or even exactly how to change your whole site theme.

Moreover, we a customer service team that is available 24/7/365, ready to provide an answer to all of your questions.

Video Tutorials